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Playing Soccer

private soccer training

Custom Onsite Design and Implementation. We can design and build unique training tools, areas and practices in your own yard.

Elite, private soccer training programs, targeted to maximize experience in and around your home. We come to you, or meet at agreed upon location nearby. We are based out of our home office in the town of Fort Mill, but will travel to you anywhere in the Charlotte area within reason. Just email, text or call with your inquiries!

Laser focused program developed around each player's needs.

Technical striking, ball control, first touch development, footwork, balance, big picture strategy, individual and small group game tactics, movement off the ball, finishing, fitness, resilience, composure, intensity, spirit, sportsmanship, attitude, work ethic, commitment and hard work.

Give your child the advantage on the field and in life: put in the OT with Optimist Training!

All standard sessions are 60 minutes.

Solo session - $50

2 players - $40 each

3 players - $30 each

4 players - $25 each

5 or more players - $20 each



10% discount for pre-purchase of any 10 sessions.

If you generally work with a three player group, for example, you may purchase a 10-session package for $270. You can still do a solo session or even join a bigger group once in awhile; we'll charge you for the discounted price based on how many players were in the group.


If you've paid for any 10 session package, a one-player session becomes $45, two-player becomes $36, three-player becomes $27, four-player becomes $22.50, and for five or more players, the cost per session becomes $18.

To book a coaching session through us please call or text 803-616-1568 or email to check availability.


We prefer cash, Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle as payment but also can accept credit cards with an additional 3.5% processing fee. Payment made at the time of reservation.

Sessions may also be scheduled through for online booking and payment processing; initial fee of $19.99 applies.

birthday Parties and special events

Have a special birthday coming up?

We offer an adventure game-oriented program designed to maximize the fun for hours!

Read one testimonial:

"...thank you for Sunday's party. The boys had a great time. We have had many birthday parties over the years but this was by far the best.

The boys had a great time working the challenges and were even more delighted when they were able to complete them. We loved the way you managed the kids and were able to keep twelve 11 year-old boys interested. it is very evident that you have a true passion for working with kids and getting them to think "outside of the box." Thank you again for an excellent party."

We have decades of experience designing and implementing special events, small or large.

Keeping kids and groups of all ages and energy levels entertained, having fun and learning at the same time!

Whether you seek to develop a positive work culture, entertain at your backyard party or give your child a targeted training session before a big game, we design your special day with you.

LAND-BASED: $75 per hour with 2 hour minimum for up to 10 participants in the games and fun. Please add $5 per hour for each additional participant.

WATER-BASED: We'll provide boats, gear and guidance for a splash and play party, and also include some land-based games!

$75 per hour with 2 hour minimum for up to 10 participants.

Please add $5 per hour for each additional participant.

Please add $20 PER PARTICIPANT for boats and associated gear.

Contact us with your ideas!

Children Kayaking on River
Team building photo

Team Building Programs

Billy Wilken is a renowned ropes course and team building expert, well versed at all ages and energy levels. His impact at a corporate level is sought after nationally.

Now based out of Fort Mill, he offers his expertise to the greater Charlotte area.

Here is one testimonial: "When I spoke to Billy Wilken, he had great ideas for our three-day training program. Billy and his staff developed several team building initiatives that not only made training more exciting for our counselors, but they took our policies and procedures manual and incorporated the information into the initiatives...Since the entire summer staff training was a huge success, I went on to request Billy Wilken and his group to set up something similar for our RECenter full time programming staff.  The team building day was very successful and staff often request more of them."

Contact us at 803-616-1568 or to arrange your company's next event.

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